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Price and Booking Guide 2002 season

Our site fishing.pl greets you and informs about the cost of fishing tours in the Delta of Ili River (Kazakhstan) in the season of 2002, April - September.

Wydaje się być dosyć ciężki

The program.

Day 1 Arrival to Almaty. Transfer to Kan Tengri Fishing Camp.
Days 2-6 (or 2-13) Fishing in the Delta of Ili River.
Day 7 (or 14) Transfer to Almaty. Transfer to the airport.

Regular prices (per person, for groups of 4-10 persons)
1 week (7 days) - 950 EUR
2 weeks (14 days) - 1250 EUR

The full price includes:

1. Visa support and registration in migration office (obligatory)
2. Local group insurance
3. Meeting and seeing-off in Almaty airport, all transfers
4. Hotel in Alma-Aty (both sides)
5. Crossing of the Taukum desert with a car to the Delta of river Ili (both sides - about 300 km)
6. A translator and a technicians team (a cook, camp chief, radiotelegraphist)
7. Going by water to the camp in delta of river
8. Local guide and power boat (18 PS outboard engine) for 2 persons
9. Licences and bait
10. Natural environment payments (ecologic fees)
11. Accommodation in a tented bungalow on the double basis
12. Electric generator (220V, 50Hz) for acumulators loading and for camp lighting.
13. All meals
14. A big tent with tables and chairs - a cookhouse, a kitchen tent
15. Tents - shower and W.C. in the camp
16. Mattresses and camp beds
17. Trash removal from the camp
18. Everyday communication with main office in Alma-Aty
19. Propolsive materials: fuel, oil, lubricants (10 liters) per person daily
20. Opportunities to catch catfish (record: 102 kg), wild carps (up to a dozen or so kg), zanders, (amury, brzany) - the bigest, caught by fishermen was 22 kg, everyday fishing Bolens (up to 70 cm) - obligatory caughts - this is the bite for catfish.
21. We guarantee the contact with unchanged, wild nature; a great men adventure; and fights for live with Lii river's kings - huge catfish.

The cost of tour does not include:
. A flight from Warsaw to Amsterdam (and return)
. A flight from Amsterdam to Alma-Aty (and return)
. Visa cost
. Alcoholic drinks in fishing camp bar
. Extra fuel (over a limit of 10 liters for 1 person per day) - (1,5 EUR/1liter)
. 25 PS outboard engine - 20 EUR per day
. Tips for fishing camp stuff

Kan Tengri is organizing fishing tours for three years. Fishermen from all the world were taking part in them.

Floating tour. The advantageous location of Kan Tengri Fishing Camp in the Centre of Delta, skill of our experienced guides and unlimited reserve of the petrol in camp will allow you to organize floating tours - 2-5-day trips along the Delta of Ili River (up to 100 km up and down from camp). You will spend the night in movable camps and each day explore new fishing docks.
Additional cost of the floating tour is 20 EUR per person per day.
Please, do not forget beforehand to inform us about the intention to make floating tour during the fishing.

Airlines. Lufthansa, KLM, Turkish Airlines and British Airways fly from Europe to Almaty. Please inform us about the airline and your date of arrival.
The insurance. Have your insurance policy with you to get avacuation and medical aid if necessary.

Fishing.pl & Kan Tengri Fishing Camp

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sumy kazachskie
Piotr Styczen 24.12.02 03:11
witajcie, chcialbym zapytac kiedy nowa wyprawa nad rzeke Ili w Kazachstanie. Chetnie bym sie wybral (a takeze moj przyjaciel z New Yorku) na te piekne ryby. Dziekuje za ewentualna odpowiedz
     Odp: sumy kazachskie
Dariusz Żbikowski 06.1.03 14:24
Niebawem postaramy sie podac tegoroczne plany wypraw. Obecnie sa na etapie ustalania i rezerwowania terminów.

Podaj jakies namiary na siebie lub wypelnij formularz pod artykulem i wysli go do nas.



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